Spring Cleaning Checklist: Mosquito Edition

You’ve tackled the inside of your house as part of your spring cleaning, and now it’s time to set up your yard so that your BBQs and backyard activities aren’t invaded by annoying mosquitoes.


Taking a few precautions at the beginning of the season will ensure that you spend your summer enjoying your space instead of fighting off mosquitoes.

Your first step should be to help protect your space with a professional spray shield. Our technicians will assess your property, and then follow a three-pronged approach that will ensure your continued comfort throughout the season. The backyard mosquito control program includes eliminating and repelling the existing mosquitoes, masking the presence of CO2, and then spraying a repellent barrier. Enjoy your yard all summer and into the fall with the most effective mosquito spray available by contacting us at Mosquito Shield today.

After you have reached out to us, it is time to tackle any pools of still water in your yard. Those are guaranteed to be hot spots for mosquitoes. While large in-ground or above-ground pools don’t usually attract mosquitoes if they’re properly maintained, there are tons of smaller areas in your yard that collect water that you might otherwise completely overlook.

If you have kids, check your yard for toys that could have collected small amounts of water – think toy trucks and tipped-over dollhouses – so you can clean them and store them indoors or in a shed. Check on any playground equipment for pools of still water that need to be flushed out. If there’s an area that will continue to collect water – such as a tire swing – a small hole drilled in the bottom will take care of the problem. If you have pets, wash out their outdoor bowls and change the water daily. Sporting goods – such as kayaks – are excellent mosquito hiding areas, so be sure to wash those out as well.

Next check on any outdoor decor that has been collecting water for the past couple of months. Neglected bird baths, plant saucers/empty planters, and water gardens are prime for mosquitoes. Home improvement materials also make great homes for mosquitoes, so empty out any buckets and open trash containers, as well as drain any pools that have collected on top of tarps.

The hardest area to tackle is your home’s gutters. When leaves and debris get trapped in them, they can create areas that are just waiting for mosquitoes to move in. Another place to check is under any decks, since mosquitoes tend to take a cue from other pests and set up homes under there. And since overgrown shrubbery is a prime location in which mosquitoes to hang out, you can take extra precautions by trimming back any excess and keeping shrubs neat throughout the summer.

Lastly, just take a quick walk around your yard and look for any remaining puddles that you might’ve missed – think tree stumps, rock formations, and any small ditches. This ten-minute task could save you the hassle of dealing with mosquitoes later in the summer.