Don’t let your summer party be a bust! Expect the unexpected at your event.

Tips for hosting an amazing outdoor party in summer that all of your guests will enjoy.

Lots of planning goes into your summer events, and sometimes some key elements of preparation can fall through the cracks. We shared a few tips for helping you host a safer summer event earlier this month, and now we want to share some ideas to prepare for the things you may not have thought of!


  • Plan ahead: The worst thing that can happen at your event is that no one can make it. You have to expect that your guests will be incredibly busy with weddings, grad parties, reunions and other gatherings so be sure to give guests at least 3 weeks notice for your event.
  • Pick a rain date: Summer days like to surprise us with rain showers, so always include a rain date for your event.
  • Unwanted guests arrive – mosquitoes: Let us take care of these party crashers for you. Just contact us with the date and we will come 24-48 hours before your event and create a protective barrier around your property. One less thing for you to worry about!
  • Food and Drinks: Remember, not everyone loves burgers and beers – make sure to provide a meatless option like veggie burgers and have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand.
  • Beat the heat: July and August can bring scorching temps, and some people, especially the elderly and very young, can become extremely uncomfortable. Make sure you have provide a tent or shaded areas or offer an indoor option that has fans or AC for guests who may have heat sensitivities.
  • Don’t forget the littles! If you are having young children at your event, pick up some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a couple of inflatable beach balls, and even a small kiddie pool to keep the kids occupied.

As always, we are here to help make your summer event a success! Contact us today about our Event Shield program, or to schedule Mosquito and Tick Control Services.