BBQ Season is here: Tips to Plan a Safer & Fun Outdoor Event

Prepare your property for summer guests


Grad parties, weddings, birthday parties, Father’s Day  — the list goes on and on. No matter what your summer event will be, you will want it to be a success! Use this list to help keep your events safer for all of your guests so you can focus on relaxation, conversation, and soaking up the sun.

Stay hydrated
Being in the sun all day can sneak up on guests and leave people feeling woozy. Keep plenty of bottles and pitchers of water easily accessible at several stations.

Don’t get burned
Set up centerpieces on tables with buckets of sunscreen.  Your guests will be reminded to apply and reapply and reduce their risk of exposure to sun.

Spray your yard for mosquitoes before your event
Why deal with the hassle of mosquito bites when you don’t have to? Schedule your Event Shield spray 24-48 hours before your cookout or party. We use our exclusive Mosquito Protection Spray around the border of your yard to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects out so your guests can enjoy your yard.

Regularly spray for ticks
Nothing will cut a party short like someone finding a tick on themselves or their kiddo. The tick population has increased at an alarming rate over the last decade, and unfortunately, so has a rise in tick-borne diseases. Schedule regular professional tick sprays to make sure you are doing all you can to minimize these disease carrying insects on your property.

Protect the furry friends
Keep pets in shade or indoors during your event. It is easy to forget to put water out for the dog or keep an eye on how all of your guests interact with your pup. Some animals get skittish around large groups or small children and may get overstimulated during your party. Keep them comfortable and safe by setting them up with everything they will need, including their own space, during your event.

Keep a first aid kit on hand
This should be a no-brainer! Purchase a first aid kit for the “just in case” incidents that could occur while entertaining. If you already own one, make sure it is all stocked up. Better to be prepared!

Contact us today to schedule your Event Shield spray or other professional tick or mosquito spraying services.