Mosquito Prevention: Myths vs. Facts

Get your facts straight when it comes to mosquitoes

There are a lot of myths about mosquito control. Mosquitoes carry serious diseases (human and other) including Zika, malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, dog heartworm, human elephantiasis, and West Nile virus, so we think it is important to give you the facts about mosquito control from our experts.

What are some common myths about mosquito control?

I have an app on my phone that repels mosquitoes.
This sounds too good to be true — and it is. Phone apps boasting “ultrasonic repellents” emit a “sound” that allegedly bothers the mosquitoes to the point of leaving you alone. The apps have been developed and tested for years, and none have been effective. There are too many factors in mosquito behavior for just one app to drive them away — in some cases, the app actually attracts more mosquitoes!

There are plants that can “naturally” deter mosquitoes.
This one is tricky! Our professionals use an extremely effective blend of plant-based all-natural oils as a part of our mosquito management strategy. Oils extracted from certain plants like citronella, lemongrass, and garlic certainly will deter mosquitoes. However, it is a myth that simply growing these plants on your property will impact your mosquito population.

Bats will help control the mosquitoes in my yard.
Bats do eat thousands of insects per night, but it is a myth that they can help control the mosquito population of your yard. Research shows that mosquitoes account for just 1% of a bat’s diet. Attracting bats to your yard through scents and bat boxes can be a fun activity, but it will not realistically affect your mosquito population.

Bug Zappers are an effective way to manage mosquitoes.
Unfortunately, since mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted by humans and animals, the ultraviolet light from a bug zapper is relatively ineffective. A zapper may kill some pests, but largely the device will kill other bugs, some of which are beneficial as they may eat mosquitoes. Lastly, the glowing light from a bug zapper may in fact attract more mosquitoes into your yard.

What can I do to help my family and pets?
Professionally spraying your yard or using a mosquito repellent on your body are both simple and effective ways to help to keep mosquitoes at bay. Contact us today to set up your personalized mosquito management strategy.

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