Choose Mosquito Control Spray for More Fall Fun

Fall is the perfect time of year for outdoor activities at your home. The summer heat has disappeared, and the cool, crisp weather that autumn brings is upon us. Colors surround us from the changing leaves on our trees to the crystal clear hues of the blue sky. Before going into hibernation for the winter here in the Northeast, we will take advantage of the beautiful, crisp fall weather every chance we get. Even with the pleasant seasonal weather that fall brings, mosquitoes are still buzzing around looking for those final few meals before winter. Mosquito control spray from Mosquito Shield is the ultimate way to maximize your time outdoors this fall without the worry of mosquitoes spoiling your good time. Here’re a few ways mosquito control spray can keep you enjoying the fun times at home all season long, even fall.

Football & BBQ Goes Together Like PB & J
With fall comes football, and what better way to compliment the big game with some close friends than with a backyard BBQ? Halftime is the perfect time to grab your favorite beverage of choice and head outdoors to fire up the grill. Do you know who also likes a good BBQ and does not need an invitation to show up? Mosquitoes. They can kill your party in no time by landing on your guests or your guests’ food. A mosquito control spray from Mosquito Shield will make sure your friends are the only visitors at your next cookout.

Wait, Did We Mention Football, Yet!?
Football is not just meant to be watched, it’s meant to be played. Many family Thanksgiving traditions include a little backyard football before the big meal. With a mosquito control spray, the only attack you will need to worry about is from the opposing team. Our mosquito control spray also eliminates the need for sticky, smelly bug sprays. Let’s be honest, who can catch the pigskin with bug spray dripping from our hands?

With foliage season, comes leaf raking season. The leaves only give us a short window of time to observe their color-changing beauty before they come tumbling down and cover our lawns. Raking leaves into ginormous piles for the kids to belly flop into is a fun family pastime of fall. Don’t let mosquitoes take a bite out of your family’s fun! The spray will act as a shield around your property keeping mosquitoes out.

Quality Time With Family
Don’t pack away your camping gear just yet. The mild weather of fall provides the opportunity to set your tent up, and enjoy the crisp air and star filled nights with your family. School being in session makes it tough for family getaways, but you can still enjoy mother nature in the convenience of your backyard with an old fashioned camp out. With the protection of a mosquito barrier around your home, Instead of mosquitoes sneaking their way into your tent for a midnight snack you’ll be snoozing all night long.

Take your yard back each season, even fall, with a mosquito control spray from Mosquito Shield.The convenient treatment of the exclusive mosquito protection blend is sprayed by our expert vector trained technicians around the barrier of your property, keeping mosquitoes out and the fun in. Contact us today to schedule services for next season!