How Effective is a Mosquito Barrier? Learn the Truth.

The dictionary definition of the word “barrier” reads “a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.” A barrier gives people a feeling of protection and safety, especially when it comes to the idea of pesky mosquitoes entering your yard on a fall evening. At Mosquito Shield, we get questions from potential clients and new customers all the time asking what our mosquito barrier is and how it works. Below we answer some of these common questions, explain exactly how the spray barrier is applied, and describe the benefits of this effective solution.

Here Are Three of the Most Common Mosquito Barrier Questions We Get

  1. Why not just purchase a bug zapper? Not only is it not 1985 anymore, but a bug zapper will not eliminate your mosquito problem. In fact, it could make it worse, as more mosquitoes will be attracted to your property by the light on the zapper. Old school methods such as scented candles and oils also won’t cut it, when it comes to true mosquito prevention.
  2. Won’t the mosquito barrier just wear off over time and lose its potency after rain storms? The answer is no! The mosquito barrier partly consists of a wax based agent that is designed to repel water and withstand heavy rain. As an added service, we monitor weather conditions and return to our client sites every 10 to 17 days. With recurring visits from the Mosquito Shield technicians, the mosquito barrier holds strong all season long.
  3. What if my home or business property are very large and expansive? No worries, we have you covered! Our vector-trained technicians will simply apply the mosquito barrier to common areas of your property, preventing the pests from ruining your backyard fun. The barrier will cover anything and everything organic, wood structures (like decks and swing sets), and swimming pools. As soon as the mosquito barrier is applied, there is no waiting period to be able to enjoy your property. Once our sprayers are done and drive away, the yard is free for the kids and pets to play.

How Does Our Mosquito Barrier Work?
Mosquito Shield’s home mosquito barrier employs a simple three-step approach to eliminate mosquitoes from invading your home and business. First, the mosquito barrier masks your CO2, which is the number one attraction to these flying buzzkills. Second, the mosquito barrier eradicates and eliminates any living mosquitoes on your property. Finally, the mosquito barrier will prevent any future mosquitoes from populating in your yard or at your business. Sayonara, bloodsuckers.

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