Try These Easy Tips for a Mosquito Free Fall

If the words “mosquito free” sound simply too good to be true, then you’re probably one of the millions of Americans who have endured a summer of getting bitten, itching, and worrying about the countless diseases spread by mosquitoes. The truth is, as the temperature drops and the fall season approaches, the mosquito population will only get hungrier and more active in your yard and outdoor space. Here at Mosquito Shield, we don’t think that’s fair! Fall should be a time to spend time outside with your family, rather than itching and swatting at bothersome flying pests. If you want a mosquito free fall, these helpful tips can make a big difference!

Dress For the Occasion
If you’re embarking on a hike, boating adventure, camping trip, or just about any other outdoor activity, you’ll want to dress in a way that makes it harder for mosquitoes to access your skin. In the fall season, this tip can double as a fashion statement. Layering a long sleeve shirt with a vest on top is both weather-appropriate and an effective armor against your buzzing enemies. For added protection, wear long socks, long pants, and a hat. While this seems like a lot of clothes, it’s also the recommended attire for the aforementioned outdoor activities, since it keeps your skin protected from other bugs, poison ivy, scratches from sticks, and all the other minor hazards that can make an outdoor adventure less than enjoyable.

Spray for Safety
Although mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of our breath rather than the scent of our skin, it makes sense to arm yourself with a natural mosquito spray. If applied to the right areas, a mosquito spray can distract mosquitoes, making them less likely to locate you and take a bite. Instead of slathering bug spray all over your skin, try spraying it on your hair, the collar of your shirt, and the brim of your hat. These are the areas closest to your face, and therefore most likely to help mask the scent of your breath to hungry mosquitoes. While this tip can work, it shouldn’t be considered a substitute for wearing layered clothing, or for the third and most important tip.

Backyard Mosquito Control
Fall is a cozy season, and a perfect opportunity to share moments at home with your family. From backyard campfires to barbecues, raking leaves into piles for jumping, carving pumpkins and more, you won’t want to miss out on making memories with your family. In order to transform your backyard into a safe, pest-free space, you should try outdoor mosquito control from Mosquito Shield. This increasingly popular technology involves spraying a barrier around your outdoor space. The proprietary formula repels and kills mosquitoes, keeping them away from your space and out of your family time.

No matter what activities you and your family have planned, if you try these 3 tips you’re sure to have a mosquito free fall. Contact Mosquito Shield today to get started!