Does Your Business Need Commercial Mosquito Control?

Ah fall, that beautiful time of the year when the kids head back to school, the leaves change color, the weather cools off, and unfortunately the bugs come out in full force! For your business, the beginning of fall means the start of a new season, accompanied by sales, specials, and the other creative ideas you’ll come up with to attract new customers to your location. If you’re looking for ways to make the fall season more lucrative for your business, this might be the year to consider commercial mosquito control.

What is Commercial Mosquito Control?
Commercial mosquito control is an innovative system that creates a barrier around your business, repelling and killing mosquitoes who try to enter. You may have already heard about other businesses like restaurants, garden centers, outdoor markets, and outdoor recreational facilities claiming to be “bug free spaces.” This means that they’ve probably already discovered the benefits of commercial mosquito control – one of which can be increasing revenue in the seasons where pests like mosquitoes are most likely to swarm and bite your customers. If this is your first time hearing about commercial mosquito control, then you have the chance to be the first business in your area to market it, helping to set you apart from your competitors.

Can Your Business Benefit?
If you think your business can only benefit from mosquito control if you have outdoor seating like a restaurant, or a generally outdoor business like a garden center, you’re wrong. Any type of free-standing, brick and mortar business can benefit from a mosquito control barrier, and the reason is simple. We’ve all heard the buzzing of a mosquito in our house as we try to fall asleep, just to find a few more in the kitchen the next morning. Mosquitoes are tiny and crafty, and they can get in through doors, windows, and any other tiny space. On those refreshing fall days where you want to keep the door of your business open to appear more welcoming to customers, you don’t want to welcome in mosquitoes at the same time! With a mosquito control barrier you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes getting in or loitering around the entrance of your business.

Get Started Now!
The best way to understand how helpful and effective commercial mosquito control can be for your business, is to try it for yourself. At Mosquito Shield, we know that you’re busy running your business, so we make the process easy. When you call Mosquito Shield, a vector- trained technician will come to your business, surveying your outdoor space in order to find the ideal barrier. When the technician returns, he’ll spray a barrier of our proprietary formula, returning to reinforce it at times that work with your schedule. If you’re ready to learn more about how commercial mosquito control can help you boost business this fall, contact us today!