Protect Pooch With These Important Heartworm Facts

The seasons of summer and fall are undoubtedly beautiful, from bright sun to crisp air and falling leaves, these seasons beckon every member of your family to come outside and play. For parents, this can mean opportunities to do yard work or relax and read. For kids, the backyard becomes an endless adventure for their imaginations to run wild; but what about the other members of the family? Pets like cats and dogs should be able to enjoy the outdoor living space safely, just like the rest of the family. After all, they love being outside more than any other member of the family.

A Lurking Danger
Unfortunately for cats and dogs, the yard might not be as safe as it should be, due to a danger looming in something often overlooked and simply thought of as a pest. You’ve probably heard of Heartworm, a potentially fatal disease that can affect both dogs and cats. What you may not know is how easily they can catch it in your own backyard. Heartworm disease is actually a parasitic roundworm which can infect the heart, lungs, and arteries of cats or dogs. Heartworm can be spread in as little as one mosquito bite, beginning the growth cycle and quick infestation of these thread-like worms, and leading to potentially fatal outcomes like heart failure.

Pets Can’t Protect Themselves
Consider what you do when you’re outside and hear the telltale buzz of a mosquito. Your first reaction is probably to swat it, spray yourself with bug spray, or leave the area. For your pets, it’s a little different. When they’re spending time outside, they aren’t thinking about preventing bug bites. Moreover, pets can’t swat away bugs, and may not always leave a mosquito infested area simply because they’re being swarmed. For these reasons, pets need their family’s help when it comes to mosquito bite prevention.

You Can’t Be “Too Safe”
If you’re a pet owner and you’ve already heard and been frightened by countless heartworm facts, it’s likely that you’re using some sort of topical or ingested prevention medicine. While these treatments are highly effective, they don’t prevent mosquitoes from finding and biting your pets. This presents a serious concern for pet health, because every mosquito bite increases your pet’s chances of contracting this serious disease. Even if you’re already taking measures to prevent heartworm, it makes sense to add an extra method for mosquito control in your outdoor space.

Let Pets Play
Half the fun of spending time outside as a family is watching the pets play and enjoy nature. With a mosquito control barrier from Mosquito Shield, mosquitoes are repelled and killed before they enter your yard, keeping them off pets and helping you protect them from the dangers of heartworm. Your pet may not understand the dangers of mosquito bites, but they’ll feel even more comfortable as they play without the itchy annoyance of bites. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can protect your pets and your family from dangerous mosquitoes, contact us today!