Heard of this DIY Mosquito Treatment? Spoiler: It Doesn’t Work.

If you’ve read about a “Do it Yourself” mosquito treatment that sounds too good to be true, then you’re probably right. Whether you read that growing a certain combination of herbs in your garden or rubbing lemon peel on your skin will keep mosquitoes at bay, you’re bound to be disappointed. While these DIY ideas might make your yard and family smell so good that you’ll be distracted from the mosquitoes, there’s no way that these “treatments” can really repel or kill mosquitoes, and that’s based on a simple scientific fact!

Knowledge is Power
Mosquitoes are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide that humans and animals exhale. This scent simply can’t be masked by good smelling things on our skin or yard, because it’s coming from our mouths! For this reason, the only way to repel mosquitoes is to prevent them from entering the areas where we spend time. This solution requires a combination of science, technology, and a proven system that takes factors like weather and mosquito behavior into account. You’re capable of a lot of great things, but an effective mosquito treatment system like this is something that you can’t do on your own.

An Easy DIY Project to do ASAP!
Just because there’s no simple DIY solution to keeping mosquitoes away from your family, there are a few things you can do on your own to prepare for expert help. First, walk around your property and take notice of things that attract mosquitoes. Objects that hold water are most attractive to these pests, so look out for used tires, tarps, kids toys and pools, and even holes in trees. All of these are places where mosquitoes breed and congregate, so you’ll want to point them out to your mosquito control technician. Another thing to take notice of is where your family spends the most time in our outdoor space, like a pool, fire pit, patio, or a child’s swing set. These areas will be treated as a high priority when the mosquito control professional arrives.

Choose a Mosquito Treatment that Actually Works
If you want a mosquito control treatment that really helps you keep these dangerous pests off your family, off your pets, and away from your outdoor space; it makes sense to choose a treatment that’s based on science. Mosquito Shield is a sprayed solution applied by a professional, vector-trained technician. Instead of herbs and candles which do nothing more than make your yard smell nice, Mosquito Shield’s proprietary formula is effective at blocking the presence of Carbon Dioxide. The formula is sprayed in those areas of your property where mosquitoes are most likely to gravitate to, as well as the areas where your family spends the most time. Most importantly, special attention is paid to factors like weather and seasonal changes, reinforcing the border with each application.

When you choose Mosquito Shield as your mosquito treatment, you can stop wasting time and money on pest control ideas that don’t really work. When you trust your yard to a professional mosquito control technician, you’re choosing the most effective method for helping prevent mosquito infestation in your outdoor living space. When you choose Mosquito Shield, you’re freeing up time that you can spend enjoying your yard with family, or getting started on another DIY project. If you’re ready to learn more about how Mosquito Shield can help you with your mosquito problem, call today!