Get to Know Our Mosquito Control Company

In spring, summer, and fall, there’s nothing better than spending time in your outdoor space with your family. For families in the Northeastern United States, this time can be spent playing games, hosting parties, gardening, doing home projects, and a wealth of other enjoyable options. Unfortunately, there is one common complaint that often prevents families from fully enjoying their yards; the presence of bothersome and potentially dangerous pests like mosquitoes. You’ve probably heard from a neighbor, on the news, or in local advertising about a mosquito control solution that can help control your yard, but it’s important that you learn all the details before making the choice to try it for yourself.

What is Mosquito Control?
It’s likely that you’ve already heard about a friend or associate getting “mosquito control” for their property. Maybe you imagined a giant net, hundreds of citronella candles, or every member of the family armed with those zapping mosquito swatters. In truth, mosquito control is so much simpler and even more effective than all of those combined! Mosquito control for your yard or outdoor space consists of the strategic spraying of a formula to create a barrier that repels and kills pests before they enter! You might have heard about a do-it-yourself version of this process, but in order to get the results that American families are raving about, you’ll want to enlist the help of a mosquito control company. When you work with experienced professionals, you’ll save time and gain the peace of mind that comes from working with vector trained technicians who truly understand mosquitoes.

Meet Mosquito Shield
We’re Mosquito Shield, a mosquito control company offering effective mosquito control solutions to American homes and businesses. Unlike other mosquito control companies and DIY mosquito systems, we offer an effective, 3-pronged approach to mosquito control, offering unmatched results and stellar service. The secret to our success comes from our knowledge of the science behind mosquito infestation. Our vector-trained technicians know which areas in any property will attract or serve as a breeding area for mosquitoes. These areas are considered most important when the technician sprays a barrier of our proprietary mosquito prevention formula.

How it Works
While there are a lot of different traits that set Mosquito Shield apart from other mosquito control companies and products, there are a few things that make us truly stand out. Unlike other companies who blindly spray chemicals all over your property, our skilled team sprays the mosquito control barrier based on numerous factors including where your family spends the most time, the weather, current mosquito population, and more. Instead of just spraying once and leaving, a vector trained technician will work around your schedule to reinforce the barrier regularly, strengthening your level of control with each visit. At Mosquito Shield, we’re confident in our unique spray technology which adheres to everything from grass and trees to stone, brick, and wood. When you call Mosquito Shield, we will work to help you understand our process so you can feel confident that you’re doing everything possible to better control the mosquitoes in your yard.

If you’re ready to learn more about our company and what we can do for you, contact us today!