Keep Pests off Pets and Kids with this Tick Lawn Treatment

If you live in the Northeastern US, it’s likely that you’ve heard the dangers of Lyme Disease, which is spread by ticks. You probably also know that these ticks live in grass, which mean that they could live in your family’s own backyard! Unlike many other pests, one of the scariest things about ticks is their ability to live on the skin indefinitely, without the host even knowing that the tick is attached. Even worse, ticks have a tendency to bite and attach in areas where humans are less likely to notice, like between fingers, toes, behind knees, and even on the back of the neck.

Protect Kids and Pets
Ticks can bite anyone, but the truth of the matter is that those who spend most time outside, like your kids and pets, are most susceptible to a dangerous bite. For many families, this means putting kids in long sleeves and pants as well as socks and shoes, even in the heat of summer. Here at Mosquito Shield, we think that kids and pets should be able to run and play in the yard freely, without the concern of ticks. That’s why we we have developed an effective tick lawn treatment which keeps ticks out of your outdoor space and kills any that dare to enter.

Stay Safe with Tick Spray
Families around the US are enjoying their yards more, thanks to a proprietary blend of powerful tick repellents in Mosquito Shield. Instead of keeping kids and pets inside and spending hours checking them for ticks, Mosquito Shield keeps you stress free by turning your yard into a pest-free zone. What a tick prevention barrier offers that no other pest control products can is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is better protected for your kids and pets to enjoy without the constant danger of bites from disease-spreading ticks.

Is a Tick Lawn Treatment Right for Your Family?
Unlike traditional pest control, a tick prevention barrier from Mosquito Shield is capable of repelling and killing ticks that threaten the privacy and potential of your outdoor space. The powerful barrier is sprayed by an experienced technician around the border of your property, paying close attention to the areas where ticks likely to congregate. You’ll never have to worry about remembering to spray because a vector trained technician will do it for you, coming to your property at times that work best for you and your family. With each application, the border becomes stronger, helping you feel more and more confident and allowing your kids and pets to have fun outside.

Tick Protection is as Easy as Making a Call
If keeping ticks off your kids and pets is a priority this summer, Mosquito Shield can help. Our unique tick treatment formula and comprehensive system provides incredible results and the freedom to enjoy your outdoor space more than ever before. “Our tick treatments help protect families from ticks so they can get back to making memories.” says owner Michael Moorhouse. If you’re ready to see for yourself how Mosquito Shield can help protect your kids and pets from the danger of pests like ticks call today!