Planning the Perfect Backyard Bash

Warm summer weather throws open the doors of possibility for entertaining. You might be limited in the number of guests you can squeeze into your living room.  A large backyard affords you the option of a great big guest list. The outdoors provides space for children to run and play while adults unwind.  Flower beds and fire pits add instant ambience.  An outside party does require some special planning.

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect backyard event:

1. Plan seating – Make sure you have enough places for all of your guests to relax.  If you are short on outside furniture, bring out some dining room chairs or borrow from a friend.
2. Set the mood – Strings of lights and candles create a party feel and help guests see after the sun sets. Use outdoor speakers or a docking station to play the perfect background music.
3. Prep food early – No one wants a host working in the kitchen while everyone else relaxes outdoors.  Prepare as much food ahead of time as possible.  If grilling is part of the plan, make sure the grill is clean and you have plenty of charcoal or propane.
4. Get rid of pets! – Nothing ruins a backyard party faster than mosquitos and ticks.  Our mosquito and tick control services remove existing pests and keep them away, all season long.  We also offer a one-time special event spray to protect you and your guests.

Mosquito Shield of Southeast Metro can’t help you with the menu or decorations for your big event.  But we can assist you with the most important preparation- making sure your guests are safe and happy. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our mosquito and tick control services.