Learn How to Kill Mosquitoes Before Camping Season

Now that nights are warm, it’s a perfect opportunity to turn your yard into your personal camping retreat. By setting up a tent (or a few), creating a fire pit, and organizing some fun family activities, you can enjoy the fun of camping without straying from the comforts of home. With these tips, you’ll have everything you need to get your camping adventure started. The only thing that could get in the way of your night of fun is uninvited campers who will buzz in your ear and keep you awake all night – we mean mosquitoes! Luckily you can learn how to kill mosquitoes just in time for your camping adventure.

Build a Fire Pit
Building a fire pit in your backyard is a great way to get your family together to bond and make memories. The easiest way to build a fire pit is by finding a place in your yard with a clear view of the sky (no tree cover). When you find the space, clear the grass from the area and dig down into the soil, covering the exposed area with gravel or crushed stone. Next, enlist the family to find large stones to pile around the border of the pit, or fallen branches, bark, and pinecones to begin building your first fire. Be sure to buy local firewood so you’ll have plenty to burn when it’s camping night. Place chairs or logs around the firepit for seating, allowing the family to gather around to sing songs, play games, or toast marshmallows. A fire pit can serve as a hub for making great memories, but flying pests like mosquitoes can get in the way of making those memories happy ones. A mosquito control barrier from Mosquito Shield will keep pests away from your family, so you can enjoy your time together.

Enjoy Family Fun
Since you’ll be camping in the backyard, it makes sense to do outdoor activities before bed. Once it gets dark there are several games that the whole family can participate in. Try flashlight tag, capture the flag with glow sticks, or even frisbee with a glow in the dark frisbee. Active games make everyone tired, making it easier to sleep in an unfamiliar place like a tent. Once everyone is getting sleepy, end the night by telling stories around the fire or making shadow puppets inside the tent. With the protection of a mosquito control barrier from Mosquito Shield, flying pests won’t interrupt your family fun, and you can skip the annoying step of spraying everyone with bug spray or lighting smelly citronella candles.

Sleep Under the Stars
The best part of a family camping adventure in the backyard is the fun of sleeping out in tents, or on a warm enough night – out under the stars! If you’re sleeping in a tent, gather plenty of pillows and blankets to keep the tent warm and cozy. If the weather is warm enough and you choose to sleep without the cover of a tent, spread a tarp out on the ground, then cover it with blankets before placing individual sleeping bags on top. You might be thinking that sleeping outside of a tent is a crazy idea, but with help from Mosquito Shield, you won’t have to worry about getting swarmed and bitten by mosquitoes as you sleep! Before you plan your camping adventure, just call Mosquito Shield, and the invisible barrier our technicians spray will prevent flying pests from interfering with any part of your family fun.