Host That Party Confidently with Special Event Mosquito Treatment

It’s summer, the season when nearly every weekend plays host to numerous events like weddings, cocktail parties, and all other types of gatherings. If hosting an event like a wedding reception, birthday party, or reunion is on your agenda for the summer, it’s time to think about getting special event mosquito treatment for your yard or outdoor event space. You’ve probably heard about the most popular venues in your area claiming to be “mosquito-free” spaces, and this trait certainly allows them to increase their rates; so why not look into the service that can make your space just as enjoyable!

Save Your Guests From Painful Bites
Nothing spoils an event like guests spraying each other with bug spray, itching painful bites, or having to cover up their outfits with long sleeves to prevent obnoxious pests. With special event mosquito control, guests can enjoy the music, food, dancing, and good spirits of the gathering without worrying about any of these annoyances. Instead of killing the festive ambiance with stinky citronella candles, choose a mosquito control solution which is invisible, odorless, and virtually undetectable beyond the obvious lack of flying insects!

Enjoy Eating Outside Without Disruptive Pests
When people gather to enjoy a meal at an outdoor event, the flying pests soon follow. That’s because mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans exhale. It smells great to them, just like a freshly cooked meal smells appetizing to the guests at your event. Special event mosquito control works because it’s an invisible barrier which surrounds your outdoor space, keeping the party inside undetectable to pests, and killing any who dare to get in. After all, they aren’t on the guest list.

Skip the Bug Spray! Let the Kids Play!
If your event is a family gathering or a kids party like a birthday, special event mosquito treatment is a must have. Without the concern of pests, kids can play freely and enjoy the yard while parents mingle and enjoy adult conversation. Without pests flying around, there’s no need to tell kids not to play in the grass, or to slather them with smelly bug spray every hour – just to treat inevitable itchy bites after the event. For these reasons, special event mosquito treatment can make a big difference in your event.

If you’re ready to learn about how special event mosquito control services from Mosquito Shield can make your next gathering great, contact us today!