Is Home Mosquito Control Really Necessary?

Now that summer is here and you’re splitting your time between family outings and at-home chores and relaxation, you might be starting to swat flies and wonder if home mosquito control is a good option. For many, the biggest question of value is whether they are in their yard or even at home enough to appreciate the effectiveness of outdoor pest control. To determine whether home mosquito control in the form of an effective, sprayed, pest-killing barrier is right for your situation, just answer the questions below!

Do You, Your Family, or Pets Ever Spend Time in Your Yard?
If you said never, then you’re probably forgetting about that time you spend gardening, playing with the kids, or letting the dog outside to do its business. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, it makes sense to spend time in it, and an effective mosquito control barrier can make that time so much more enjoyable. In fact, with a sprayed mosquito control barrier around your property, you might find yourself spending much more time outside. It’s a win-win situation – and allows you to skip the bug spray!

Do You Ever Open The Windows in Your Home?
There’s nothing more refreshing and pleasant than opening up the windows of your house in the summer, letting in the fresh air, and listening to the birds chirp outside. While you don’t want to deprive yourself of this enjoyment, you’ll find that inevitably when you open the window (even with a screen!) flying pests like mosquitoes will get into your home. You might not see them enter, but they’ll make their presence known by buzzing in your ear while you try to sleep. With home mosquito control from Mosquito Shield, an invisible barrier sprayed around your property will repel and kill pests before they get anywhere near your home – so you can open your windows up and never have to worry about unwanted guests.

Do You Have a Pool, Lawn Furniture, or a Swing Set in Your Yard?
These common things aren’t just inviting to you and your guests, they’re also ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes! When you contact Mosquito Shield, the vector trained technician will pay close attention to these areas when spraying the mosquito control barrier- keeping these areas pest-free and even more welcoming.