Savoring the Summer

Minnesota summers are magical.  There is that time spent on the lakes, all 11,842 of them. We love our celebrations, from small town festivals to the one-of-a kind State Fair.  Summer farmer’s markets display a bounty of produce and flowers. We cherish our warm afternoons and comfortable evenings.

There is one thing that all Minnesotans complain about though. The bugs.  Mosquitos and ticks are nuisances that we deal with every summer and they are more than just annoying. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, over 1 million people die worldwide from mosquito-borne illnesses each year. In addition, mosquito bites can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. The blacklegged tick, sometimes known as the deer tick, transmits the serious infection, Lyme Disease among other illnesses. These ticks are very small and attach to the body in often hard-to-see areas. Unfortunately, both mosquitos and ticks are present in the yards of homes across the metro area.

Mosquito Shield of South East Metro is committed to enabling Minnesotans to enjoy their outdoor living areas, worry free.  We utilize a unique three prong approach that eliminates existing pests and prevents them from reentering your property. Our unconditional money back guarantee encourages skeptical home-owners to schedule our services.  And our proven results mean that over 90% of our customers return to us, season after season.  We know that your family’s safety is your priority. Mosquito and tick control allows you to relax and enjoy the summer months, outdoors.  Contact us today to get started!