How To Kill Mosquitoes Without Ruining Your Summer Party

In the summer, outdoor parties combine the beauty of warm weather with the comfort of your outdoor space to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and hosts alike. From planning a menu that everyone can enjoy, to decorating your yard with flowers, lights, and enough tables and chairs to be comfortable, hosting a summer party is challenging enough without having to worry about uninvited guests like mosquitoes! As you’re gathering supplies for your next summer gathering, you can leave out the bug spray; instead, learn how to kill mosquitoes without spraying chemicals on your guests and burning smelly candles that never seem to work.

Be the Host With the Most
Just imagine how quickly your guests would RSVP if you mentioned on the invitation that your yard is a pest-free zone, and they can leave their long sleeves and bug repellent at home? Whether it’s an evening cocktail party or a daytime barbecue, a backyard mosquito control barrier from Mosquito Shield will keep pests out of your yard and far away from your guests. When you call Mosquito Shield, we’ll walk you through our 3-pronged approach to killing pests. When your vector-trained Mosquito Shield technician arrives at your home, they’ll take the time to learn about your property, and establish a border which targets the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to breed and congregate. Like an invisible fence, the sprayed border both repels and kills pests before they can crash your party.

Let Guests in, Keep Pests Out
Unlike other pest and mosquito control products, Mosquito Shield is sprayed by a trained technician, saving you time and the guesswork that comes with trying to do it on your own. With someone else handling the pest control, you can focus on planning your summer party. To build on the bug-free theme of your gathering, swap campy citronella candles for glass lanterns filled with string lights or small tea light candles. Since your guests can mingle freely without the interruption of bugs, invite them to dress in their favorite summer party outfits and bring their swimsuits if you have a pool. Without the need to swat bugs or protect their skin from painful bites, your guests can relax and enjoy your party.

Give Your Guests a Meal – Don’t Let them Become One!
The scent of delicious food is irresistible to your guests, just like the smell of your guests (more specifically the carbon dioxide they exhale) is just as delicious to flying pests like mosquitoes. The innovative science of a Mosquito Shield border blocks this scent, preventing mosquitoes from detecting the presence of humans to bite. With a reliable and powerful Mosquito Shield barrier around your outdoor space, your guests can dine on whatever food you serve without having to worry about getting bitten as they eat.

With the annoyance of mosquitoes out of your mind, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on planning your party, and most importantly, you and your guests will be able to enjoy it more! Before you start planning, call Mosquito Shield to turn your yard into the perfect, mosquito-free venue for your next gathering.