Get Back To Summer Fun With The Best Mosquito Control Solution

Now that summer is in full swing, there’s no excuse not to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather and the adventurous spirit of the season. If you’re like most families, you’ve already made a list of the fun activities you’d like to try out in your backyard, and the memories you’d like to make with your family. If you’re short on ideas, or the thought of going into your yard in the summer comes with fears of tending to itchy bug bites on your kids, here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest.

Build an Obstacle Course
Setting up an obstacle course in your yard is a fun way to get the whole family outside. If you have teens, incorporating some level of competition in the obstacle course is a great way to get them to participate. Use existing items like stumps, swing sets, or a patio as obstacles that each participant must jump over, run around, or some other action. To make the course as lengthy and enjoyable as possible, incorporate as many creative elements as possible. If you have a pool, make it the end of the course, where each participant must jump in!

Remember, some of the best places to incorporate in your obstacle course are also the best places for pests like mosquitoes to breed and congregate. To ensure each participant does their best and isn’t inhibited by painful bites, make sure you have the best mosquito control solution available.

Go Camping – Home Style
Enjoying the rustic fun of camping doesn’t have to take you away from the comforts of home. When the weather is warm enough, try setting up camp in your own backyard. If you don’t yet have a fire pit, that’s the place to start. Begin by choosing an area far away from tree cover, tall grasses, and your house. Use a shovel to dig out the area; not too deep, just enough to remove the grass and expose the dirt. Lay gravel or sand over the dirt, and surround the area with large rocks. If you’re unfamiliar with how to safely build a fire, check out the many videos on Youtube.

Next, set up your tent. Be sure it’s far enough from the fire area, and fill it with soft pillows, blankets, and games to play with the family before falling asleep. Now that you’re prepared, the only thing that could disrupt your evening of camping is the annoying buzz of flying pests like mosquitoes. It makes sense to get serious about backyard pest control by calling Mosquito Shield before you set up your campsite.

Time to Make some Memories!
Now that you have some great ideas for fun summer activities to do with the family, there’s only one step left. Get protection from the annoying and dangerous pests that want to take over your yard and bite your family. Mosquito Shield offers a powerful mosquito control border which kills and repels pests before they enter your yard. With a border around your outdoor space, you can relax and enjoy family fun like obstacle courses or camping, without the frustration of layering on sticky bug spray, or trying to fall asleep to the sound of a buzzing mosquito in your tent. Contact Mosquito Shield today to learn more about the advanced mosquito control technology that’s helping families around the country create fun summer memories.