Let the Pets and Kids Play Outside – This Tick Control Really Works!

Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day like finding a blood-thirsty tick on yourself, your child or your pet. When you finally find the time to get outside with the family and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather in your yard, the last thing you want to do is cover up your skin and spend the whole day checking the kids and pets. Ticks are sneaky, and no amount of covering up or checking can prevent them from biting if they’ve made their way into your yard. This summer, why not take measures into your own hands and learn more about a tick control solution that really works.

Ticks Really Bite!
Ticks are tiny and their bite is often undetectable, but it’s what happens after they bite that causes concern. Unlike other pests which fly away after biting, a tick attaches and sometimes even imbeds itself if left on too long. The tick is a parasite which feeds on blood, so once it finds a source to feed on, it is happy to stay and eat as long as it is allowed to. If this nasty habit was the worst thing about ticks, it wouldn’t be so bad, but ticks are scary for an even worse reason.

Tiny Terror
The reason why ticks bring so much stress- and why it’s so important to prevent them from getting onto our skin- is because they do more than bite. Ticks are the top carrier of Lyme Disease, a dangerous disease which can cause serious illness if untreated or undetected. In addition to Lyme disease, ticks spread other diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, Relapsing fever, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia and more.

Feeling Ticked Off?
With 8 legs, built-in painkillers to disguise their bite, and a whole arsenal of diseases to spread, ticks sound like something out of a scary movie. Unfortunately, they’re real, and there’s a very good chance that they’re in the outdoor areas of your home including your lawn, garden, and any areas of tall grass like those found around ponds. Since ticks can always find a way into your clothes and shoes, and aren’t repelled by traditional bug spray, the best way to keep them away from you is to prevent them from getting into your space altogether.

Keep Ticks Out!
Now that summer has arrived, you’ll be too busy with fun family activities to stress about ticks! You deserve the freedom to enjoy gardening, relax on the lawn, or simply let the kids and pets outside to play without the fear of ticks. Mosquito Shield is a mosquito, flea, and tick control border that, when sprayed around the perimeter of your property, will repel and kill all of these pests before they can get into your yard. This innovative technology not only gives you the freedom to enjoy your summer, it keeps harmful diseases and hungry pests far away from your family.

If you’re ready to learn more about how this advanced tick control border works, contact Mosquito Shield today!