Kill Mosquitoes Before They Bite With This Simple, Effective Method

Even if you’ve never heard the age-old expression, “once bitten, twice shy”, you probably understand exactly what it means. When it comes to pests, when you’ve been bitten, you’ll take every precaution to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately, as the weather warms and moist spring weather arrives; so do flying and crawling pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. The fear of getting bitten can make you feel forced to overdress, slather yourself in chemicals, or even stay indoors, but there’s a new and proven method that can help.

It’s Your Yard, Enjoy It!
It’s simply unfair that something so small has the ability to control even a moment of your time, but if left unattended, pests can ruin your summer. Instead of letting this happen, or using the same old methods that never work, why not take back your yard by trying a method that keeps pests far away from you and your family. Science has proven that mosquitoes are simply not repelled by bug sprays. The most these sprays can do is kill mosquitoes after they bite, but what good is that when millions more are breeding just feet away from where you were bitten?

Repel, Kill, and Relax
Instead of worrying, wearing long sleeves, or avoiding your yard, why not learn more about Mosquito Shield, the effective pest border that’s sweeping the nation. The innovative technology of Mosquito Shield is so effective because it addresses your pest concerns with a multi-pronged approach. Simply put, Mosquito Shield is a sprayed border which both repels and kills pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, blocking them from ever getting into your outdoor space. Since mosquitoes are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide we exhale, the border blocks them from ever detecting it; making your property immediately less appealing. Next, the unique blend of powerful ingredients repels mosquitoes and kills them if they dare to cross it.

Experience a Stress-Free Summer
Not only does a mosquito control border from Mosquito Shield keep the pests out, it keeps the stress out too! You’ll enjoy your summer more knowing that your family and pets won’t be at risk for harmful bites. When you contact Mosquito Shield, a vector trained technician will come apply the border, making sure to treat all the areas where mosquitoes breed, as well as those your family spends the most time to ensure the pests stay far away. Act now and let Mosquito Shield protect your yard so you can make this summer the best one ever.