Comparing Mosquito Repellents? Try This and Never Buy Bug Spray Again

As summer approaches, we all try our best to prepare our homes and our families with the important items that we will inevitably need during the warmest season. From shorts and tee-shirts to sunscreen and sandals, it’s likely that your list of summer must-haves is long enough, even before the kids start asking for things like pool toys! When you arrive at the store, armed with your list, it’s likely that you’ll not only compare prices, but check out the latest new products to arrive on the shelves. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can cross one item off your list this year?

Does Bug Spray Even Work?
It’s likely that one item on your summer shopping list is bug spray, and comparing mosquito repellents is especially hard when you want to keep a lot of things in mind, like effectiveness, safety, and price. Since you don’t know how a bug spray works until you test it out, there’s no way to make a truly informed decision at the store. Worst of all, every mosquito repellent has a downside. For example, some irritate skin, others stain clothing, some smell awful, and others need to be applied every hour to be effective at all. For active families who enjoy summer activities, none of the options are practical; especially when you consider that you’re spraying chemicals onto your family – but what attracts pests is the CO2 we exhale!

So What’s the Alternative?
Now that you understand that there’s simply no use in looking for an effective bug spray, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your family free of painful bites and the annoyance of flying and crawling pests this summer. Since you know that pests are attracted to the air we exhale rather than the scent of our skin, it simply doesn’t make sense to put chemicals on our skin to prevent them. Luckily, the innovative pest control solution that’s sweeping the nation is something you’ll never have to see, apply, or touch. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s real, and it’s called Mosquito Shield.

Finally, An Effective Mosquito Control Solution
Mosquito Shield is a groundbreaking pest control system for the outside spaces of your home, including your yard, porch, pool, and other places your family spends time. Mosquito Shield works by creating a border that prevents pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from getting into your space. To create the border, a skilled technician will come to spray the proprietary blend of effective ingredients around your most used spaces, focusing on areas where pests congregate and breed. With Mosquito Shield, you can confidently cross bug spray off your list and enjoy your outdoor space without ever spraying your family with chemicals. That sounds like a great summer, doesn’t it?

To learn more about how Mosquito Shield can improve your summer, contact us today!