Stay Open For Business With Outdoor Mosquito Control

Open Your Doors for Busy Season
As the days get sunnier and people of all ages begin spending more time out and about, America’s businesses get a boost which has earned the fitting nickname “busy season.” For businesses of all sizes, the spring and summer months bring in more foot traffic and revenue than the others; based on the simple facts that more people are comfortable leaving their homes, the days are longer, and money just doesn’t seem as tight as it does in fall and winter while the kids are in school. If you’re a brick and mortar business wondering how to attract more customers during the busy season, there’s a helpful trick that you might be missing.

Make the Most of Beautiful Weather
When the weather is nice, people flock to businesses that allow them to continue enjoying the sunshine and warmth. For restaurants, this means outdoor seating. If you’re a retail store, it means sidewalk sales, and if you’re a grocer it means outside displays of your fresh produce. The only problem with these customer-attracting features is they also have a tendency to attract pests! If there’s one thing that will quickly repel potential customers from your business, it’s being swarmed by pests who intend to bite! That’s where an effective outdoor mosquito control solution can come in handy for your business.

Fewer Pests Mean More Revenue
At this point, you’re probably thinking about how most of your customers come into your business, and maybe since outdoor sales aren’t something you do often, then a mosquito border just isn’t worth it. Think again. If people are coming into your business, pests like mosquitoes can too! By creating an outdoor border that repels and kills pests, you’ll be turning your business and its surrounding area into a pest- free zone, giving your business the opportunity to make the most of your outdoor space with promotions like sidewalk sales, outdoor seating, and more!

Become a Pest-Free Business
When you choose to protect your business with an effective mosquito border, you’re not only doing a favor for your business, you’re taking a step to protect your customers from the dangerous diseases spread by pests. That’s something worth talking about. Spread the word on your social media accounts, or with a sign that lets your customers know that when they come to your business, they’ll never have to worry about pests! Contact Mosquito Shield today to learn more about the science behind Mosquito Shield, and what it could mean for your business during this year’s busy season.