Looking For The Best Mosquito Killer? Stop Bathing in Bug Spray!

With spring and warm weather just around the corner, it’s likely that you’re already seeing popular brands of bug spray lining the shelves of your favorite supermarket. It’s just as likely that year after year you’ve stocked up on the stuff and slathered yourself, your clothes, and your kids as soon as the air is warm enough to wear a short sleeve shirt. It’s even likelier still that you and your kids hate this tradition, because it’s icky in a lot of different ways. From its stinky, chemical odor to its sticky texture and ability to stain clothes, bug spray is more of a pest than the flying insects it’s meant to deter! What if there was a way to avoid rubbing chemicals on your body, your kids, and your pets, and keep away pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks without ever touching a can of spray? Luckily, there is…

You CAN skip the can!
There’s nothing convenient about a canned mosquito killer like bug spray. In fact, it’s probably doing more harm than good. There’s nothing healthy about rubbing chemicals on your skin, especially when you’re expected to reapply when you sweat, swim, or change clothes. If you’re used to using more natural bug sprays or citronella candles, you already know that they’re ineffective and the pests always manage to find you anyway. When you consider the science behind why pests like mosquitoes are attracted to you, it all makes sense. Pests don’t find us by seeing or smelling our exposed skin, they’re attracted to the Carbon Dioxide we’re constantly exhaling. No bottle of spray that we put on our skin will ever prevent them from finding us, and it probably won’t prevent them from biting us either, so what’s the point?

Block Bugs With a Border
Now that you understand how ineffective bug spray really is, you’re probably wondering about the alternative. Luckily, there’s a great way to keep pests away from your home, your yard, and your family, and it doesn’t involve spraying yourself or your family! Mosquito Shield is exactly what it sounds like, a shield against mosquitoes and other pests and the dangerous diseases they spread. When you call Mosquito Shield, a skilled technician will spray a powerful blend that repels, kills and prevents breeding of mosquitoes and ticks in the areas where you spend your time, like pools, patios, decks, your yard, and even your kids swing set. The powerful border acts like a wall that keeps pests from coming close to your family and your pets!

Prepare for a Summer of Fun
Imagine the fun you can have during the warmest months without the stress of having to worry about itching bug bites and applying stinky bug spray. When you choose Mosquito Shield, you’ll have a powerful border around your property that keeps getting stronger each time technicians come to reapply it, allowing you to focus on outdoor fun, family time, and the things that matter most.The innovative border technology takes important factors into account like mosquito population in your area, weather conditions, and even the landscape of your property; creating a vertical border that outsmarts, repels, and kills pests. When you choose Mosquito Shield, you’ll experience the freedom that comes with never having to buy another can of bug spray, never having to deal with swarms of flying pests, and the stress that comes with checking kids and pets for ticks and bites.

For more information about how Mosquito Shield can give you more time and freedom this summer, contact your local Mosquito Shield franchise!