Don’t Leave Backyard Mosquito Control Off Your Spring To-Do List!

Spring is coming, and for families around the country, that means the start of warmer weather and the various tasks that come with preparing for the summer months. Spring cleaning is a popular concept that involves removing the dirt, dust, clutter, and stuffy air from our homes in order to start with a clean slate for a fun and active summer season. If you’re dreading getting started with your spring cleaning initiative, you might find it beneficial to make a list and try a few new tricks to enjoy this year’s spring and summer season more than ever.

Make That List
For many, listing is a normal part of every day and an easy way to organize thoughts, tasks, and priorities. For others, making a list sounds as stress-provoking as a trip to the dentist. When it comes to your spring to-do list, a list will help you remember everything you want to get done, while giving you the satisfaction of crossing off each item until the list is complete. If you’re tech savvy, you can make the list using your smartphone or tablet. That way you’ll always have it around. If you prefer a physical list that the whole family can read, try using a whiteboard with dry erase markers. This way you can list out all the tasks that need to be done and write dates when they need to be complete, or even assign them to different members of the family. If you’re using smartphones, there are apps that do this too! No matter how you choose to make your list, the most important part is adding in all the little tasks that you know you need to get done. Get detailed; instead of saying “tidy the garage”, say “Choose which items in garage to keep, which to sell in a yard sale, and which to throw away”. A project of this sort can involve the whole family and make a big impact on your living space and your stress level.

Prioritize and Prepare
When it comes to taking the leap between listing and actually doing, the most important thing to do is prioritize. Deciding what to do first has a lot to do with the region where you live, and which tasks can be completed immediately in the given climate. For example, if you live in a colder region, you should start focusing on indoor tasks and projects before outdoor initiatives. In areas like the Northeast, the temperature will be too cold to plant seeds, have a yard sale, or bring lawn furniture outside until April or May. If this is the case for you, prioritize the indoor projects you need to do, like sweeping and vacuuming, rearranging furniture, putting away winter clothes, organizing rooms, and gathering items to sell or donate. This way, once it gets warm enough to spend time outside, you can focus on your outdoor list items instead of tracking in more dirt by doing a combination of indoor and outdoor tasks.

Try a Few New Tricks
Instead of dreading spring cleaning, think of it as an opportunity to get a head start on the summer season you’ve been dreaming about all winter. If you’ve spent years doing the same tasks each spring, try incorporating a few new habits like these into your routine:

  • Update Your Lawn Furniture: Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new cushions, or a new piece being added to the mix, rehabbing your lawn furniture with a DIY update is an easy way to make your outdoor living space more attractive and inviting.
  • Rearrange a Room: Keeping your furniture arranged the same way year after year can be monotonous, and make your space feel boring. Why not spice up your indoor living spaces like dining room or great room with a design makeover? Simply move around furniture and incorporate a new piece of art or new throw pillows for a whole new look.
  • Designate a New Outdoor Space: It’s a fact that a large percentage of Americans seek out a home with a yard, but rarely end up using it for recreation or entertaining. If you want to spend more time in your yard, you’ll want to first make sure it’s safer for your family and guests by getting a mosquito barrier sprayed. This simple barrier keeps the mosquitoes out so you’ll never have to worry about itchy bites, stinky citronella candles, or slathering your kids in bug spray. Once the barrier is sprayed, it’s time to set up a space for entertaining and relaxing in your yard. Buy or build a picnic table, and try circling lawn furniture around a chiminea or DIY fire pit. With a comfortable outdoor space like this, you’ll be well prepared for warm spring and summer nights of fun!