Will state-sponsored spraying solve local mosquito issues?

Municipalities forced to take band-aid approach to severe mosquito outbreak

In response to what is considered a severe mosquito season, towns and municipalities have taken to the streets, embarking on spraying campaigns to help alleviate the nuisance of mosquitoes and reduce the threat of mosquito-borne illnesses.

From Hyde Park in Boston to Fire Island in New York, local authorities are loading up the trucks with mosquito-killing pesticides and spraying or “fogging” specific areas.

“Having the county spray for mosquitoes is never a bad idea,” said David Briggs, founder of Mosquito Shield, a Massachusetts-based mosquito control company. “However, it is curing the symptom, not solving the problem.”

According to Briggs, these public works projects provide a “contact kill” but do not provide a barrier or repellent. While residents can call for a free spraying, they are typically unable to request a specific date or time period for completion given the volume of requests. Weather conditions could render the process ineffective.

“They apply this product from a ULV (ultra low volume) piece of equipment mounted on the vehicle,” said Briggs. “Most of the time the truck is at the end of the driveway. If there’s the slightest breeze, your neighbor may be the benefactor of the treatment and it may not make it to the back of the home.”

In Boston, the trucks use an aerosol sprayer to distribute sumithrin, which has a low toxicity and health officials say does not pose a significant health risk to residents or pets. However, as was the case during the Hyde Park spraying, Boston Health Commission officials warned residents to limit their exposure to the pesticide by going indoors and waiting for the liquid to dissipate.

“It will kill any mosquitoes that it comes in contact with,” said Briggs. “The control material has no repelling effect, nor does it deter mosquitoes. It is strictly a contact kill.”

Mosquito Shield has been setting the industry standard for mosquito control for over a decade, using a proprietary blend of 99.97 percent natural ingredients and a flexible spraying schedule to maximizes effectiveness.

Along with providing a eco-friendly approach to the “contact kill” Mosquito Shield’s Mosquito Protection Blend MPB®, provides a protective barrier that ensures the product will continue to control mosquitoes well past initial treatments, giving the homeowner better results over a longer period of time.

While Briggs endorses the public works projects that help reduce the mosquito population, he warns that state spraying is only a temporary measure for a problem that must be managed throughout the season.

About Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield currently offers mosquito control services throughout the Northeast, delivering effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers. Mosquito Shield has invested over 12 years of research and development in the perfection of its impenetrable Mosquito Protection Barrier™, which turns any treated property into a mosquito-free zone by killing and repelling mosquitoes and other harmful outdoor pests. In 2013, the firm launched Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation.